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Advanced Financial Modeling & Valuation Specialist. 

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Advanced Financial Modeling & Valuation Specialist. 

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Program Overview

Advanced Financial Modeling & Business Valuation Specialist is a comprehensive training program comprising of 21 courses delivered through a series of lectures & interactive workshops focused on developing key skill-set needed to become a world-class financial analyst.

This program follows a practical skill-set development methodology. The participants will be able to effectively bridge the gap between the academic knowledge and practical skills.

The program aims to build/refresh a sound conceptual base and then convert this base into the ability to perform at the highest level through mastering practical business analysis & financial modelling skills.


To meet this end, the program courses have extensive coverage of advanced excel usage and comprise primarily of financial modelling & valuation case studies where the participants get to perform under similar scenarios as they could expect to face in the real professional life.

For a comprehensive and enduring learning experience, we have created a thorough step-by-step curriculum that covers financial modeling, valuation, and financial analysis topics — from introductory to intermediate and advanced levels.

This training program is suitable for anyone who wishes to pursue/advance a career in corporate finance.

This would include accounting & business students, fresh graduates as well as young executives of various professional backgrounds and is designed to teach you everything from the bottom up.


Owing to the vastness of the subjects involved, the program has been divided into three levels. By moving through these levels of mastery, upon completion of the program, the participants can expect to be performing industry-leading corporate finance analysis.


How You Will Benefit By Attending This Program

This training program is extremely valuable for all those who wish to pursue/advance a career in corporate finance. If you are a business or accounting student or fresh graduate, or you are a young executive working in a junior corporate finance role, completing this training program will give you the jump start and all the tools you need for a fast-paced career progression.

Be it working for Commercial Banks, Investment Banks, Private Equity Firms, Equity Research, Investment Funds or Portfolio Management Firms, this training program will provide practical skills training as well as career orientation i.e. it will open up many corporate finance career paths.

In addition, if you either work or aim to work in FP&A, Corporate Development, Investment & Project Analysis, Treasury and Financial Operations related roles within different industries, acquiring advanced skills including Financial Modelling, Financial Analysis and Business Valuation will be an invaluable addition to your success toolkit.

What you'll learn:

What you'll gain:

Program Outline



  • Introduction To Corporate Finance

  • Fixed Income Foundations

  • Corporate Math Basics

  • Excel Crash Course

  • Foundations of Excel Modelling

  • Fundamentals of Financial Analysis

  • Introduction to Behavioral Finance


  • Advanced Excel Usage

  • Complete Financial Model in Excel

  • Modelling for Business Valuation

  • FP&A and Cash Flow Forecast Modelling

  • Scenario & Sensitivity Analysis

  • Mergers & Acquisition Modelling

  • Leveraged Buyout Modeling


  • Fundamentals of Budgeting

  • Fundamentals of Business Strategy

  • Data Visualisation & Dashboards

  • PowerPoint & Pitchbooks

  • Performance Management

  • Financial Modelling Using VBA

  • Ecommerce Financial Modelling & Valuation


Advanced Financial Modelling & Business Valuation Specialist training program has been divided into three levels: Foundation, Advanced & Supporting.


The foundation level aims to build/refresh a conceptual base in various subject areas related to corporate finance. In addition, the participants receive a crash-course in excel, preparing them for advanced excel/modelling training.


The advanced level comprises of an in-depth dive into FP&A, financial modelling and business valuation and also includes an advanced excel course module.


The supporting level is optional and comprises of comprehensive coverage of subject areas which will add immensely to your financial analysis capabilities and will aid you to become a truly world-class financial analyst.


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Delivered on:

21 consecutive Saturdays

Mandatory Modules:

Two ( 14 Courses)

Optional Modules:

One ( 07 Courses)


10:00 am To 5:00 pm

Fee: Mandatory Modules:

PKR : 81,000 ( 14 Courses)

Fee: Optional Modules:

PKR : 40,000 ( 07 Courses)


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