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Focusing on modern professional’s CPD needs, ACS Training Company provides truly world-class business and financial training to individuals seeking career growth as well as corporates aiming for staff skills development.

Leveraging hands-on coaching methodology by top field experts, ACS Training Company develops courses and imparts training targeted to meet three distinct career needs:

1. Bridge the gap between the academic knowledge of fresh business or accounting graduates and the practical skill set needed to perform effectively in industry, banking or financial services sector. Thus, equipping them with enhanced confidence and making them highly employable.

2. Bridge the gap between the entrepreneurial skills of young business owners and academic business knowledge and training which they lack. Thus, enabling them to better analyse, plan and execute success strategies.


3. Provide continuous learning opportunities to mature business executives and remove some rust which the grind of day to day firefighting accumulates. Thus, enabling them to re-energize their careers.

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About ACS Training Company

Focusing on modern professional's CPD needs, ACS TRAINING COMPANY provides truly world-class business, financial & technology training, designed & developed for individuals seeking career growth as well as corporate business aiming for staff skills development.

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